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Meaningful interconnection is a theme around the Technology Valley Working Group. It landed this fascinating article and accompanying blog post in my InBox, sent from Rodney Craig at Minter Ellison Wellington.

Small and remote: Getting more shots on goal (see PDF) resonated with me as a lesson in facing the obvious. Matt Yallop is an R&D Matt Yallopspecialist dedicated to the power of innovation. In his report of a trip to Iceland in 2012, he takes a lesson in development and says “New Zealand must embrace science in order to be a truly innovative nation. We have not yet answered the question of why science is so important to all of us.”

This is central to our condition. We don’t yet have a culture that accepts our salvation can come – must come – from science based industries. Until we change our attitudes and the language we use, a solution is still far away.

Matt Yallop's shots are on goal

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