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If you think about a small child of 5 years of age today.

When that child has gone through primary school, secondary school, tertiary or trade education where are the jobs going to be?

More importantly what will the jobs be and what training will that child need to receive to obtain fulltime, add value employment?

It’s often said that what we don’t know – we don’t know.

Young adults in their final years of secondary education need to have a greater understanding of the types of employment opportunities that are out there that could be of interest to them.

I remember when I was that age and life was full of expectation.

Looking back I was particularly naïve and had little or no idea of the opportunities that were available to me. In those days there was a strong reliance on ones parents to advise the best career prospects which may or may not have been what would have been chosen if there was a greater knowledge and understanding of what was out there in the big wide world.

Today it is different and young people can scan the internet to improve their understanding of what interests them. Colleges also provide career advice services to assist the young students.

It seems to me that manufacturing companies, can also have a collaborative relationship with colleges, tertiary and trade training institutions in this area where students have the opportunity of witnessing what really goes on behind the front doors of industry. With the increased development of high tech industries these companies need highly qualified staff to employ.

The late Sir Paul Callaghan advocated for New Zealand to build on its fine tradition of creativity, innovation and enterprise and a greater emphasis on science and technology.

Innovation and collaboration are the foundation blocks of really prosperous societies.

It’s got to be a team effort and our students need the best encouragement and guidance to assist them in careers that they, and the country can prosper.

We owe it to our students – New Zealand’s future prosperity will be in their hands

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